Fullstack .NET developer with a focus in front-end development and usability.

2010 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Degree in New Media Interactive Development.

Web Developer at Pharos Systems International.

p: 585.210.8414
e: anna.steglinski@gmail.com

In my professional career I've had the priviledge to work for various companies working soley with Microsoft .NET technologies including:

  • ASP.NET web forms
  • .NET MVC
  • .NET Web API
  • C#
  • Twitter Bootstrap framework
  • AngularJS 1.0
  • Kendo UI
  • Knockout.js

After graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010, I accepted a position with Brand Integrity, LLC. in Rochester, NY where I worked for two and a half years on their proprietary software, Potential Point. I have since worked with a few different companies doing .NET development and am still residing in Rochester, NY.

I started making websites in 6th grade (2000), creating my first Harry Potter website using Homestead's page maker. Eventually enjoyed this so much I taught myself HTML and began to expand and improve my website. Over the course of a few years it evolved eventually becoming Bludgers 'N Broomsticks. I kept with this site until 10th grade (2004) where I sold it to one of the volunteer staff members that I had "working" for me keeping the information up to date. The site eventually had become a collaborative effort between me and a few volunteers who had various jobs from creating new content, gathering news, or updating content. However the entire site was primarily managed by myself.

In my spare time, I am heavily involved with Northridge Church . I spend most of my time connecting with fellow young adults from my church through my community group, which I have the pleasure to colead. In 2013 I started a journey to get healthy and live a better life-style and joined Take Shape for Life. Through this I have lost a significant amount of weight and started blogging weekly about my journey and experiences, which you can find on my Medifast Blog.

As a result of this journey, I have begun training to run a 5k, with a long term goal of running a half-marathon. I enjoy trying almost any physical activity, but my favorites include biking, running, and snowboarding.

For a full list of my skills please reference my resume